FOUNDATIONS OF HOPE healing centre


Realationships restored

Foundation of Hope has made a huge impact in our family! We have found so much healing and freedom as a result of their prayer ministry! We have met with Christian counsellors but haven't seen results like we have with foundation of hope (LR)


Personal connection

Foundations of Hope is an amazing place where you work with others and God to receive great healing and connection with God! It has helped me heal so much and has helped my relationship with God and my faith grow even bigger! (M.U.)

Physical Healing

I asked for prayer for my sister and my mom. My mom is cured from cancer and I am making better choices and a lot happier. 

Experience Peace

There is a peace in the room with the ministers and a feeling of love. It was awesome. (C.O.)


So amazing - just what I needed!

Emotional Balance

They touched an area that needed prayer. I appreciate the team and their discernment in listening to God.